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About Mixua

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Mixua team

Hi! I'm Emilia, founder of Mixua and eco coach. My passion is to help the community live more eco-friendly. How? Through the Eco Tours and E-Shop.

I'm born in Argentina and grew up in Ghent. I studied Economics in Ghent. Here, I discovered my passion for circular economy. I love strolling down the city streets discovering 'green' shops and products. I also spend my time doing research for reliable information and meeting Belgium’s local and international movers & shakers of the eco-landscape.

I believe in an urban lifestyle that embraces fun, comfort and respect to nature.  That's why I founded Mixua. The name 'Mixua' refers to to 'my choice'. It's a word game between the Spanish word 'mi' ('my') and the French word 'choix' ('choice'). Because every person has the power to make a positive difference through her/his conscious choices.

The goal of Mixua is to help people interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle to save time and money. How? Through the Eco Tours and the Eco E-Shop.

Want to co-operate? Write me.



Eco gids Brussel

Fav quote: "Life is not about waiting until the storm is over. It's about learning to dance in the rain."



Eco gids Gent


Fav quote: "We don't need a handful of people doing it imperfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly"



Eco gids Gent

Fav quote: "Nobody is you, that's your superpower"

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