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Can I receive a refund after cancelling my participation of the Eco Lifestyle Tour?

Yes, you can! If you cancel until one week beforehand, you can receive the full refund, or to join the Tour on another date. If you cancel less than one week beforehand, we unfortunately cannot refund you but you can still choose to join the Tour on another date of your choice. You can cancel by simply sending an e-mail to: hello@mixua.be. In the e-mail, please include whether you want the full refund or to change your selected Tour date. 

Can I change the date of my participation to the Eco Lifestyle Tour?
Yes. You can change another date until one week before the originally selected Tour date.

How long is the Eco Lifestyle Tour?

The Tour is about three hours long. It depends on the rhythm of the group.

Can I reserve for a group, for example for a birthday party or another special occasion?

Yes! There are only two conditions: (1) The group size is maximum 10 participants, (2) Send us a notification more than a week beforehand. To book for a group, please contact: hello@mixua.be

Can I book a Eco Lifestyle Tour as teambuilding activity?

Yes! Click here to see all information. Or write us to hello@mixua.be for a personalized offer.

In which language is the Eco Lifestyle Tour?

Tours are organized in English, Dutch and French. On the booking page, the language of every Tour date is stated. 

Should I bring anything to the Eco Lifestyle Tour?

You don't need to bring anything in particular, only your good vibes. We recommend to wear comfortable shoes for walking. Feel free to bring your photo camera to record everything you discover.  

Can I leave the Tour earlier, before the end?
Yes, of course. Please bear in mind that in this case we cannot refund you for the part that you missed. 

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