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What would happen if nature goes on strike?

Did you ever think about what would happen if nature would go on strike?

What if she would be tired of us throwing trash on the street, or pass by ignoring it, not showing any respect?

What if she would be burned-out of us endlessly extracting oil from her soil to fuel our cars and homes?

What if she would be fed up of us cutting down her trees to make toilet paper for seven billion people?

What if she would become mad that because of us thousands of species are extinct, just to have more food and clothes?

What if she would be ashamed that we locked up animals in zoos for our pleasure?

What if she would feel disappointed that she gives us food, air and shelter and that we don't give anything back?

What if she would go on strike?

If we cannot use the car, would we use horses as transport again? Would there be any horses? Would the ocean go dry? Would we be able to take a shower? Would we have water to drink?Would the trees stop producing oxygen? Would we be able to breathe? Would she stop creating fruits and vegetables? Would the trees be naked all year long? Would we have any food at all? Would our houses crumble down? Would our cat or dog leave us? Would be stop getting babies? Would we live? Would I be alive?

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