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My style? I wear change

Last week I was invited to the official kick-off of Fair Fashion Talk #5 in Ghent from Ghent Fair Trade. I was amazed by all the passionate fashion tailors, fashion store owners and influencers who also believe that fair fashion is the way to go. What most inspired me is that every person here is trying to make a difference in her/his own, unique way.

Take for example Bharat, owner of the clothing store Yak & Yeti. His goal goes beyond selling clothes, he wants to help the community in Nepal, where is born and his clothes are made. His mission is to bring education to the children here, and to make sure the community has every day a hot meal to eat. That’s why his clothes are made in an atelier he opened, which makes it possible to have a completely transparent creation chain. This year he celebrates 10 years since the start of the store. Congrats Bharat!

I also met Marie and Anne from Proud Marie. Their mission is to give bride dresses a second life, and doing so saving earth resources. If there is one item in our closet that we really wear once, it’s a bride dress. These dresses usually are made of high quality materials that would normally go to waste. So why not remodeling a bride dress instead of buying a new one? This way, we can have a truly unique piece of our own, that’s on top earth-friendly. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Important also is that the city commune is engaged and involved in helping fair fashion to find its way to our closets. That’s why Gent Fair Trade is organizing a huge event called Fair Fashion Fest the 29th of April. I look so much forward to this day! Here we will have the opportunity to join workshops, info sessions, get expert advice and see a fashion show. All for free. It’s a fun way to get inspired and discover cool upcycling projects, new brands, original accessories and fun shoes!

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