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Out of the busy bubble with this creative workshop

Yesterday was Earth Day. On this day all sorts of activities are organized to get the community out of their daily busy routine and the become aware of our home: our planet, environment and nature. The story I will tell you about today aligns perfectly with Earth Day. Tine Wellens founded Wanderfulwild, and her goal is to get every day people out of their busy bubble and to inspire them to enjoy the moment, become more aware of nature and to slow down. She does this in a very creative and fun way. How? Read on to discover.

1. Can you briefly tell us something about yourself? I am from Limburg and currently live in Antwerp, but I travel often: to the family farm in Mol or to my boyfriend in the French Ardennes. In my spare time I do yoga, work in the garden, go hiking in nature (with bag to clean up the waste alongside the road, for www.theforestcleanup.com), or write.

2. What is the story behind Wanderfulwild?

My website originated from my last travel blog, which I had named Wanderfulwild. When I returned, I wanted to keep sharing stories and experiences, so I turned my blog into a website. It's a combination of my passions: yoga, natural remedies, tips for sustainable living, and travel stories.

3. What is your mission with Wanderfulwild? What drives you?

I want to inspire people to live more consciously, share my experiences, and show that it does not necessarily has to be difficult to live ecologically. My motivation is my love for nature. The current way of life often has little respect for nature because people are alienated from it. When that connection returns, I think you automatically start to live differently, slower and more aware.

4. How do you do this via Wanderfuldwild?

I organize workshops where a group of participants make natural cosmetics and other household remedies. The participants can take their products back home afterwards. It is also possible to buy a number of extras. For example, we make sugar scrubs, bath salts, honey ointment, toothpaste, creams, mosquito oil, lip balm, make-up (blush, lipstick, ...). This happens every time with completely natural, biological materials and almost 100% waste-free.

5. What makes Wanderfulwild workshops different?

I start from a holistic vision where I don't focus on one component but look at the complete picture: food, care, exercise, relaxation, your purchases, waste production,... I try to keep everything accessible and personal. There is no need to completely change your life, a few small changes can make a big difference.

6. What are the challenges with Wanderfulwild?

My biggest challenge is selling myself :-) I am not business minded at all! Furthermore, many people are convinced that in their busy daily life they do not have the time to live as I do. My intention is just to slow down people so that there is more time for such things.

7. Where can we find the Wanderfulwild workshops?

For now they are on request and they can be organized anywhere. I have already given it in a youth house, in people's homes, and during my yoga weekends. I always try to make time for it. I am negotiating to rent a nice place in Antwerp that I can use for lessons and workshops.

8. What are your favorite eco hotspots (coffee and lunch bars, shops, workshops, projects) in Antwerp? Robust, HOST, Carotterie, Lara cooks for you, Rewind, Biohofke, Loes and Krikke.

9. Who do you follow on your social media channels that you find inspiring in this sector? Green Evelien, Bea Johnson (zerowastehome), liesbeth_v, thewomanwhomarriedabear, mindbodygreen, 1millionwomen

More info about Wanderfulwild: http://www.wanderfulwild.com/

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