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These yoga clothes are made out of PET bottles and old fish nets

If you like yoga and ethical fashion like me, you might have read that most yoga clothes are made out of virgin synthetic polyester, a material that needs a lot of energy to produce. The yoga clothing brand I will tell you about today is not made out of virgin material, but from recycled PET bottles and old fish nets. This is less energy-heavy and keeps bottles and fish nets out of the landfill. Continue to read the story!

1. Can you shortly tell something about yourself? I was born in France and live in Belgium for 10 years, so I'm half French & Belgian. I am a creative mind: I love painting, photography, yoga, music and fashion. I don’t like to follow the trend but rather find my own trend... in clothing and lifestyle in general. Next July, I will fly to Miami for my second stage of my yoga teacher training.

2. What is the story behind Yoga Path? Yoga path design was a turning point in my life, my ticket to express my creativity, knowledge and passion through a clothes brand that combines my need for a better, fairer life for myself and for the community in general. Yoga Path aims for ecological responsibility and a conscious lifestyle through the practice of self-love.

3. What makes Yoga Path different? Yoga Path is different thanks to its aesthetic and the identity of the people making Yoga Path everyday: from my family, friends, to associate and coaches. We use Italian fabric technology for our collection. This fabric is made out of PET bottles and old fish nets, so we apply the logic of circular economy.

The fabric is printed in Wallonie (Belgium) with almost no use of water and water-based ink. The production complies with the Oeko tex 100 standard, which means that no harmful substances have been used in the process. After this, the garment is sewed in Brussels. We limit transportation to the minimum, respecting our engagement to less impact on the environment and developing the local labor market through local partnerships.

4. What is your mission with Yoga Path? I would love Yoga Path to be an inspiring sustainable clothes brand, playful, conscious with strong ethics for all active women who dare to follow their gut and live their life to the fullest. I encourage women to find their truth and to be real.

5. What are the challenges with Yoga Path? We have great international ambitions and we are still at the beginning, so we are finding our tribe, our supporters that have the same believes as us. I will quit my day job, so it is a real leap of faith as unfortunately, the clothing industry is quite challenging. It takes a lot of time and energy to develop a sustainable, affordable brand.

6. Where can we find Yoga Path’s products? We have an online store yogapathdesign.com. We also participate in markets and events all year long. The best way to keep updated about Yoga Path is to like our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter.

7. What are your favourite eco-hotspots in Brussels? Le boentje, Frederic Blondeel, Orybany (nice place to find local brands and sustainable larger brand such as mud jeans). I also love “Les culottes volantes”, a great concept of an underwear shop on a 3-wheels bike. There are also nice pop-ups: Wonderloop with Helena, TRUC with Sybille and We Co. 8. Who do you follow on your social media channels that you find inspiring in this sector?

The Giving Mom on instagram (vintage lover & kundalini yoga practitioner), Everybody agrees and Mamoq for a great selection of sustainable clothes, Organiclila for vegan & natural beauty products.

More info on Yoga Path: yogapathdesign.com

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