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My dream just came true!

It has been about one year that I decided to transform, step by step, my lifestyle into an urban eco-lifestyle. It has been (and still is) an amazing, inspiring and fun journey full of discoveries. I've met many entrepreneurs who are dedicated to create items made in respect to nature, with so much passion. However, I've also learned it's not easy to live more eco, we need to invest time.

We need time to research where we can find these items that help us live more eco, if a product is really "eco" or not, and to go actually get these items. Because unfortunately most of us don't have an eco-shop on walking or biking distance. I live at the moment outside Brussels, with only commercial, plastic supermarkets nearby. So, if I want to get my eco-items, I need to take the car. Which of course is not eco-friendly. Dillema's!

SO! Since I thought that many of us experience this problem, I thought it would be great to have an online platform that gathers qualitative, trustworthy and modern eco-items, which is available 24/7, and which is transported in a more eco-friendly way (in comparison with the car). Since I did not find this anywhere, I DECIDED TO DO IT MYSELF!

So, I've openen especially for you an ECO E-Shop, with items that are personally selected. Items that I've researched, tested and approved. So you don't have to invest your time doing this. The items selected must be at least one of these conditions: locally made, fair trade, contain natural ingredients (for personal care) and have a transparant production method.

In the Eco-E-shop you can find zero-waste homeware, natural personal care and honest accessoires. For now I can only deliver the items in Belgium. In the future I will open it for Europe.

Here you go directly to the shop to have a look: www.mixua.be/shop

I've announced it last Friday on Facebook. Feel free to leave a comment below the video! Happy to hear your feedback.



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