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My cat got sick. So I threw her away and bought a new one.

What if we treated our items like our pets? We love our pets, take care for them, take them to the vet when they are sick, clean them. We take responsibility for them. So what if we also took responsibility for everything else that we buy or adopt?

We have to admit we have a throw-away mentality. Something brakes, so we throw it away. It's often cheaper to buy something new than to repair it. Mobile phone broken? It's cheaper or the same price to buy a new one than to repair it. The same with clothes, shoes, furniture,.. let's say everything we own. I don't think I need to elaborate on the consequences this brings: pollution, sweatshops, poverty, female inequality, etc.

I'm sure you have an emotional bond with some of your items. Clothes that make you look good, house decorations that remind you of a nice moment, that you received as present of a special person. If they brake, you don't need to throw them away. They are plenty of options, which I list below.

1. Go to a Repair Café This is an event where you can go for free to repair your household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, etc. They are organised by and for local residents. Here you find the list of dates and places.

2. Search for a nearby shoemaker or clothes repair atelier

There are plenty of ateliers to repair your clothes. It has become more difficult to find shoe makers, but there still are. It's just a matter to ask Google where to find them. I've been last week to my shoemaker and I'm truly happy I gave two pairs of shoes a second life.

3. Search for a plant shelter nearby

Dé-Kache-Pot is one example, in Ghent. It's a shelter for abandoned or sick plants. You can donate or adopt a plant for really great prices.

4. Repair your furniture

The ladies from Motief Atelier repair furniture with the newest, ecological materials at a still accessible price. You find them in Ghent.

5. Let your creativity flow, asks your kids to join you and make together something new What's better then to combine a good deed with a family moment? Enjoy!

I also share with you this great online information source for more inspiration: Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken.

I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if you did! And just to make sure, my cat is sitting here next to me happily smiling ;) If you liked this article, please take 5 seconds to share it on your social network to show your support.



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