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Toothpaste Peppermint Zero-Waste

  • Peppermint flavoured toothpaste. Just bite a little piece off, and brush your teeth. Effective clean ánd better for the planet.


    • 100% natural toothpaste, vegan and zero-waste.
    • 1 toothpaste lollipop = 2 classic plastic tubes of toothpaste 


    This toothpaste has a nice fresh taste. For better mouth health, it's SLS free. This ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate, is a chemical and used in all classic toothpastes to generate foam. However, it's proven to be aggressive and is linked with skin irritation, bad breath and even canker sores. That's why this toothpaste is SLS free.


    Read below how to use it, its composition, and other frequently asked questions.

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