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Discover: Host – The House of Sweets and Things in Antwerp

Once in a while, we like to treat ourselves. To remind ourselves to enjoy life, to clear our minds and to feel recharged. Some of us go shopping, or meet a friend at a coffee bar, or go on a treasure hunt for house decorations. I love to do all three of these treats, as long as it is planet-friendly (and if I really need an item). This is a lot to ask for, but I found a place where I can do just that!

Searching online for planet-friendly stores, I happened upon The House of Sweets and Things (HOST). I went for a visit and met Eva, one of the two sisters from Antwerp that own HOST. I had such a lovely talk with Eva. We both believe in a future where a green lifestyle will be the norm. Nobody will ask whether your clothes are made in sweatshops, because those will not exist anymore.

Eva explained to me that HOST is a concept store with a broad selection of sustainable lifestyle items. Given a choice, they always prefer working with small, local producers from Belgium and the Netherlands. This way, small green producers are given a chance to grow, and at the same time, we can find more unique items to express our personalities, and know exactly how and from what they are made from.

For me, it was really an eye-opener to see so many green Belgium brands in one place, ranging from clothes, to cosmetics, to sweet baked goods. HOST is even the only place where some Belgian brands are sold! Just to mention a few that I discovered here:

  • Copain Copine, an eco-friendly clothing brand created by Katrien Smets, is sustainable from the use of materials to promotion. For every item sold she buys one square meter of green area around cities in Belgium, which are taken care of by Natuurpunt. Her motto is “Be aware of what you wear, but do it in style!”

  • Likami is an organic and natural cosmetics brand which uses plant-based ingredients and natural oils. The products are packed in 100% recyclable bottles, which is good for the environment and helps maintain the energy of the botanics. Her motto is "We should be able to eat what we apply on our faces". All products are tested for safety, efficacy and allergy (Patchtests). No testing on animals.

  • Sizable offers environment-friendly men’s underwear. Next time, I am planning to buy their bamboo socks for myself. They are super soft, and seem to keep the feet dry longer. It’s also anti-bacterial and reduces odours.

So, next time you feel it’s time for a treat you know where to find all kinds of sweets and things 😉 Share this article to share some sweetness with your friends!

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