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How I organise 'green' New Year's Eve in one day

I'm just back from Spain, where I celebrated Christmas with my Spanish family, and I have ONE day to organise the New Year's Eve at my house. I have ambitious goals: to make the house cosy for my friends to feel at home, to minimize waste, buy as less as possible stuff that is not truly necessary and to buy organic. This is how in one day I organised it, while having fun!

New Year's Eve shopping

I went early to the store. I tried to buy as less plastic packaging as possible. For example, when I could choose between the food item packaged in plastic or glass, I choose glass as this can be recycled or re-used. For drinks, I bought organic juices and wine.

Furnish and cutlery for a group

I will celebrate New Year's Eve with 15 friends. As I have been trying to live as minimalist as I can, I don't have 15 chairs, plates, cups, etc or tables that are big enough. That's why I chose to rent all this material. I found a company called Restorent which I find efficient and friendly at a fair cost. I rented tables, chairs, plates, dessert cups, glasses and cutlery, all for 35 EUR. I prefer to do this than to buy plastic plates and cutlery that go in the bin right after the dinner, to avoid plastic waste. It also looks nicer in comparison with the plastic alternative.

Festive house decoration

As I celebrated Christmas in Spain, I didn't make any special decoration for my house this year. I didn't even have a Christmas tree. As my friends will be coming over tomorrow, I want to create a festive atmosphere in my house. So, I went for a quick walk outside my house and brought home little plants that I like. With these, I created a wreath (arrangement of flowers, leaves and stems). I love that it brings nature in my home, as in winter it's much needed! It's really easy to make, free, zero-waste and full of good vibes :) I left some plants aside to use as a table piece (see picture below).

Here are some pictures that I posted on my Instagram some minutes ago:

I hope this give you inspiration. Let me know if you use any of these ideas! Love to hear your feedback. Stay in touch!

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