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Discover with me the new Juttu shop in BXL

This weekend was the opening of the new Juttu shop in Brussels, and I went to have a look. I was super excited and Juttu didn't let me down!

If you didn't yet hear about Juttu, it's the little sister of A.S. Adventure. It caters to people who are conscious about quality, sustainability and personal style, both women and men. People who are open-minded, positive, trendy and critical. Here we find a wide range of lifestyle products, like clothes, cosmetics and homeware. Here's why I'm excited about Juttu.

The store is located in a big commercial street, right next to Apple and Zara, in a beautiful, modern building. It says to his two neighbors: "Watch out for me, I am new, I am different, I am better and I'm here to stay". It's about time eco-brands take a place in commercial streets. Most of us still shop in the commercial streets, so it's important that shops like Juttu are here to show that we can consume differently, better, more respectful to nature. I'm waiting for the day fair brands will be mainstream, and I believe that day is a bit closer having now a player like Juttu sitting at the table of the big players.

It's not just another store, it's an experience. Yesterday I didn't buy anything (just because at the moment I don't need anything) but I went home full of inspiration. I discovered lots of new eco-brands, the faces behind them and unique styles. Juttu also partnered with Chyl, a healthy food bar from Brussels. So if we are not searching for clothes, cosmetics or homeware, we can also enter to enjoy a nice lunch or coffee made with local and seasonal ingredients. It doesn't stop there, inside the Juttu shop there is also a library where our partner of kids can read while they wait ;) There are books, but Juttu also has it's own magazine called Juttugram.

In terms of price, it's a mix of affordable (like Selected, Object) and more expensive brands (like People Tree or Armedangels). I was happy to see Belgium brands like Nathalie Vleesschouwer.

There is only one important remark I would give Juttu: the heating was way too high. Yes, outside it was 2 degrees Celcius, but inside I was sweating. So here there's still place for improvement. But overall, well done!

Soon there is also a Juttu store opening in Gent, by the way. I'm already curious to see where :)

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