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Discover with me this circular fashion & design event in Brussels

Brussels is such a vibrant city, every day there is so much to do that it's hard to choose. Today I take you with me to a circular fashion & design event organized by Boeckie. The event is called Behind the Creation and aims to highlight local artists and changemakers in the context of circular fashion and design. This ranges from using sustainable or recycled resources, to producing fairtrade or locally. Check it out here:

Boeckie uses excess fabrics from high-end fashion labels to counter the overproduction of textile. The pieces are limited edition. There are two collections a year. More info on the website: boeckie.eu

Yoga Path creates clothing with fabrics made out of pet bottles and old fish nets originating in Italy. It's printed in Wallonie. Sublimation technology is applied to the garnements with almost no use of water and with ink that is water-based. The garnements are certified by the Oeko tex 100 standard. Finally, the garnements are sewed in Brussels. This way, transportation is limited to the possible minimum. More info: yogapathdesign.com

Trash Studio rescues different objects of furniture and reclaimed materials in order to reuse and reinvent them, creating edgy and and unique homeware pieces. More info: @Trash.Studio

FAM garnements are made from durable textiles. They are made in Portugal, in a small family business where old school craftsmanship and human values are still key elements and not empty words on a design wall. More info: famthelabel.be

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