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Creations that bring us back to our roots

Today I want to share with you the story of Greencycle, handmade (functional) wood creations by Bert Dubois. He takes us back to basics, to a world where we do not need plastic and waste does not exist. This great nature lover gives a second life to felled wood. Keep reading to discover his inspiring story. 1. Can you briefly tell us something about yourself? My name is Bert, I live in Duffel. I love to spend my time in nature: Going for a walk to watch the birds, taking pictures, camping in the Ardennes for a weekend. In my free time, I keep birds, such as different types of chickens.

2. What is the story behind Greencycle? As child I always wanted to play in the garden, nature. So, then I immersed myself in tree care and woodworking. 3. What is your mission with Greencycle? The mission is to reuse pruned wood and process it into creations, giving it a new life. 4. What makes Greencycle different? To give the natural products a second life in the form of permanent creations, made with only manual work and as much as possible without power tools.

5. What are the challenges with Greencycle? The challenge is to make waste wood into usable products such as lamps, bowls, bowls and spoons. Furthermore, it is not easy to get name recognition and to market the creations.

6. Where can we find Greencycle products? Exclusive in Greencycle's office. Photos are posted on Facebook and Instagram. Price range of spoons between €15 and €30, bowls between €35 and €60, lamps and creations start from €50 to €200.

7. What are your favorite eco hotspots in the city where you live or are located nearby? The Keepers of the Earth in Vremde (vzw).

8. Who do you follow on your social media channels that you find inspiring in this sector? On Instagram all people who are doing the same thing (sylva-spoon, giospoon, ...)

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