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6 reasons why I love shopping at local businesses

Today, I'm really happy to introduce you to Marine From Attitude Organic. Read below the 6 reasons why she loves shopping locally!

About Marine and Attitude Organic

I am Marine, the founder of the Attitude Organic Website! I started that blog / Marketplace a bit less than a year ago when I moved to Asia. There, I realised that it was not so easy to find ethical and eco-friendly brands and that the resources about sustainable fashion and ethical living were difficult to understand and to incorporate in our daily lives. Thus, I decided to create a website that would cover all those topics in a fun and simple way. Tadaaaaa, Attitude Organic was born!

I am a millennial and I love this digital age that often makes my daily life easier. I love shopping groceries online as I hate the crowd and I find it so convenient to order everything at the same time. Indeed, I am not strong enough to carry 10L of water on top of my fruits and veggies… For the same reasons, I used to shop fashion and beauty products online most of the time. However, a few months ago, I started going back to small boutiques, especially during my travels and I rediscovered the pleasure of shopping in stores. I am not talking about big chains but about small local shops. Slowly, I started getting back to it and limiting my online orders.

In this article, I will share with you why I love shopping in those boutiques so much!

You meet people

A month ago, I shopped a handmade bag for my beauty products in Kuala Lumpur. The woman, who was sewing the pieces in front of me, thanked me for my support. You could feel she was doing a little happy dance in the inside. This is what I love when you buy local, you get the chance to meet the person who made what you purchase. You can exchange ideas and ask questions about your new pieces. It simply makes your shopping experience unique and real.

Get a story

Usually, when you buy a fashion piece from a local store, it looks original. It is way different from the fast fashion brands garments. Your new dress or shirt (or whatever else) comes with a story. You can tell where, when and how you bought it. As you went to the store and met people there, you remember your shopping experience. Your garment is associated with a day, a mood and it is much more meaningful. Besides, as it is a bit more expensive to buy from a small business than ASOS, you will also buy less so you will choose better. Your new babies will become even more unique, you will end up looking for THE ONE and this one will come with a little story.

It is ethical

This is even more true if the store is owned by an artisan or Made in Europe. In small businesses, you will find products that are not imported from Pakistan and that did not imply kids working in sweatshops. If you select the store right, you will find ethically made products from socially responsible brands.

It is eco-friendly

If you buy from a store (especially if the products are made locally), you will save shipping and importing from abroad in some cases. That means that you reduce your carbon footprint. It is even more relevant when we realise that online brands are now fighting to get the lowest minimum order value for free delivery. As a customer, I appreciate it but have you ever thought that a free delivery from 20 euros would encourage you to order more often and in smaller quantities?

You make conscious choices

If you shop from a small local business, you will be able to ask questions. The chances are that the sales person knows its products pretty well. Thus, you can ask questions openly and make better choices. It is a great opportunity to ask about:

  • The quality of the product. Is it made to last? Are the materials eco-friendly?

  • The origin of the products. Are they made locally? If not, are they produced in fair conditions and how is the supply chain like?

Support a community

If you are into natural beauty and ethical fashion, you probably realised how important it is to be part of community and to feel supported. Well, if you enjoy it, make sure that you also send positive vibes to like-minded people. All together, we can make the difference!

To keep in mind

As much as I love shopping local, you should keep a few things in mind to not get fooled.

Make sure to check where the products are made and to ask questions about it if you have any doubts. The products sold in boutiques, could still be fast fashion, massively produced and spread in small retailers. Indeed, the products could be unethically made. I would suggest that you check the store online before getting there. I hope you will be lucky enough to meet the owner of the places but it is not always the case. Thus, you might struggle to get the information you need to make a better choice.

That said, I really enjoy shopping that way now and I plan to do it even more. I hope I convinced you that it is better and that you will like it as much as I do.

If you liked this article, please have a look at my blog. You will find many other stories about my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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