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Expat or tourist in Brussels: How to maintain your eco-lifestyle

If you're reading this, I assume you're an expat or tourist in Brussels. So, welcome to our beautiful city! You will discover it's a city rich in cultures, languages and interests. There are lots of activities to do, every single day, making it hard to pick just one. There is also a growing 'green' trend. Organizations, entrepreneurs, artists and neighborhood groups are working every day to help us in our journey towards a lifestyle that embraces fun, comfort and respect for nature. So here's a list of my favorite places for you.

If you have any questions, doubts or wish some advice, don't hesitate to contact me or join an Eco Lifestyle Tour to visit the eco-life of the city with a personal, local guide.

Mixua, zero-waste shop, La Grainerie, Brussels


There are plenty of low-waste, organic food shops in Brussels. Here you find the list that I composed. My favorite organic, zero-waste shop is the Bio Marché in Rue des Tanneurs. It offers great price-quality value. It's even open on Sunday. There are also food markets. The biggest market is on Chaussée d'Anvers with about 100 stands of fruits, vegetables, prepared foods and textile. However, not all foods here are organic, so make sure to ask the sellers.

fair fashion, ethical fashion, Mixua, Brussels


Fair fashion, ethical fashion, slow fashion: different terms to describe clothes made in respect with people and nature. This is a booming topic, both for new designers as for vintage stores. Thé place to be for vintage clothes is the zone called "Marolles". Here you will find cool places like Melting Pot Kilo where you can buy vintage clothes per kilo, and new places like Mademoiselle L'Ancien that opened about one week ago.

Eco Lifestyle Tour Brussels, Mixua
Eco Lifestyle Tour, Mixua, Brussels

MEET LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE When you arrive in a new city, it can be hard to meet like-minded peers. So my tip: Get out of your house and do activities that you like. I think some of these activities might interest you: Do a DIY workshop, for example learn how to make your own cosmetics or cleaning products. Alma Sana regularly organizes workshops. Join a 'green' co-operation like the low-waste food shop Färm. By volunteering here some hours, you get discount to all foods and you meet like-minded people. Or join an Eco Lifestyle Tour in group with personal guide (me) to spend a nice morning or afternoon discovering the eco-life of the city: zero-waste shops, fair fashion stores, plant-based coffee bars, natural personal care and ateliers.

Park in Laeken, green oasis, Brussels, Mixua


Whenever I go visit a city, I also love to enjoy more calm, peaceful moments in a park or nature. So here are some green hotspots to re-energize:

Atomium, Brussels

Park of Laeken This park you find in the north of Brussels. It has some beautiful lakes. Here you will find the Atomium, one of Brussel's symbols. Also, the current king has one of his houses here and there is also an amazing Japanese Tower thanks to King Leopold II.

Park Bois de la Cambre, Mixua

Park Bois de la Cambre You find this park in the south of Brussels. This one also has a beautiful lake. Lots of Brusselaars come here to run, walk of spend time with their family in the weekend.

Parc de Bruxelles, Brussels, Mixua

Parc de Bruxelles This park lies in the city center, in the middle of the typical city noise and dynamic. A perfect hide-away for more calmness.

vegan, veggie food, Mixua


There are lots of great vegan, vegetarian and mixed food places for lunch or dinner. I'm working on a list, coming soon!

I hope you find this blog post useful. If you have any questions, doubts or wish some advice, don't hesitate to contact me or join an Eco Lifestyle Tour to visit the eco-life of the city with a personal, local guide.

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